My dad found his thrill on blueberry hill...
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In past years you've recommended apple and cherry dessert recipes for my apple- and cherry-loving nieces. At this year's Swan family Easter do it's my dad's turn to be spoiled, and he loves blueberries. What special blueberry dessert recipes can you recommend?
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Simple, but so delicious: blueberry panna cotta.
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In season, blueberry pie is the absolute best. Or cobbler, or a big tart with a short crust and barely-sweet whipped cream. could make blueberry ice cream for something a little different.

At that time of year it may make sense to buy frozen wild blueberries...they beat cultivated fresh blueberries shipped from Chile every time.
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I made this delicious buttermilk cake from Smitten Kitchen with wild blueberries instead of raspberries and it was a hit.
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I don't know if this is too simple, but I love Blueberry Fool. Easy jokes are an added bonus, if your family is like that.
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Best answer: also from smitten kitchen, this blueberry boy bait is delicious!
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Another Smitten Kitchen recipe: blueberry boy bait, which is an excellent buttery cake. I baked about six of these last summer because it is that delicious.
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No this blueberry crumb bar recipe from Smitten Kitchen is the one you want to make. Accept no substitutes!!
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I don't have her recipe on hand, but my MIL makes a killer baked good called Blueberry Buckle.
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This puff pastry tart with blueberries and frangipane is really really tasty!
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Blueberry whole grain coffee cake. I make it with a brown sugar topping. MeMail me if you want the recipe, since I don't have it with me at the moment.
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The favourite dessert in our house is a simple one. Take one Angel food cake, slice it in half lengthwise, so you have two rings. Spread one half with blueberry jam, or dig out a trench in the lower half of the cake and fill it will blueberry pie filling or jam. Top with remaining cake piece. Slather the whole thing in fresh-whipped whipping cream, and serve with copious amounts of fresh blueberries.

We happen to like blackberries, but you could literally do this dessert with any fresh berry or small pit fruit like peaches, plums, apricots, etc.
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My brother makes an ordinary blueberry cobbler extraordinary by individually slicing each berry in half.
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Seconding a blueberry buckle. I made this one last summer and it was wonderful.
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Blueberry oatmeal cookies!
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Coming in to second ephemerista's suggestion for blueberry bars from SK. I got really excited reading this question because my immediate thought was, "Orange swan hasn't lived until she makes these!" but I got beaten to the punch. I've used that recipe as a base for several fruits (peach, cranberry) but there's nothing like the sweet, juicy blueberry version. I bake a lot, but people still bring it up these bars years later. Do it!

(Having three separate recommendations for Smitten Kitchen might tell you something about the quality of the recipes she posts.)
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Blueberry Grunt (illustrated instructions). Serious blueberry committment.
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See also this thread.
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Response by poster: Well, I wound up making the Blueberry Boy Bait, and everyone liked it. Sometime I really must try the blueberry bars as well.

Thanks all!
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