12" Powerbook Battery Info?
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My battery acts funny. It always says I have over three hours when it first gets charged. Then after just a few minutes it says much less, like an hour or so. Then within minutes it is off. I have charged it completely and let it drain to completely of which I have been told resets the power manager. Do I need a new battery? If I do, are any of the after market batteries better than the Apple battery? The computer is two and a half years old.
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Yes. Check ebay.
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I forgot to mention that it is a 12" powerbook.
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Your battery's dead. Powerbook version doesn't matter. Check ebay or any one of a bajillion retailers. This could've been answered with a quick googling.
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NewerTech makes higher capacity batteries for PowerBooks. They seem to have been well-received by Mac users; I've never seen a bad review of 'em (although I can't say I've looked really hard).

Using one might void your AppleCare warranty, though, assuming you have the three year plan.
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Do you still have Applecare on your computer? If so, you might be eligible for a replacement. I'd check in with the Apple Store if you did. My iBook battery was doing the same thing yours did and they replaced mine free of charge.
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I have charged it completely and let it drain to completely...

Assuming you have followed the discharge procedure properly (run the battery down until the computer puts itself to sleep, THEN do 100% recharge before using again), yeah you almost certainly need a new battery. But if you've got an Apple Store nearby, bring it in for a Genius review for confirmation of the diagnosis. Especially if you've got AppleCare.

By the way, resetting the Power Manager is something else.
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Thanks cajo. I just got off the phone with Applecare. They are going to replace my battery. They made it very clear that they were making an exception by doing so. Go figure, but you saved me $140! Maybe there were faulty batteries in some of the early 12" powerbooks.
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can't some firmware upgrades cause the battery calibration meter to go wacky? read that on some mac forumn.
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