Quick fix iMac as monitor for another Apple.
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Is there any way that I can easily use my iMac Desktop (Current Intel Model) monitor as a second or primary monitor for my Powerbook using either the wireless network or a monitor adapter?

Would using some sort of remote desktop allow me to utilize all the extra monitor space? I just want to use some software that I have on my 12" Powerbook on my friends much larger monitor that is unfortunately also attached to his iMac. Thanks.
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You can't use the iMac as an external monitor for another computer. You can, however, use your PowerBook as a hard disk, and boot up the iMac off the PowerBook. Of course, to do that you'd need to install an Intel-compatible version of OS X installed on your PowerBook. I'm not sure whether it is possible to do such an installation.
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I will refer you to this discussion from yesterday afternoon. Pretty similar question (not identical, mind you), but all of the answers about how to connect using remote tools are there. :)

Technically speaking, there's no way to use an iMac as a monitor except for the iMac itself.

You're certainly not going to get to use the iMac as an extended monitor for the Powerbook. You'll be able to simply connect to the iBook using VNC or some other remote desktop tool, but I am fairly certain from what I've seen of the current iMac design that you will not be able to use the iMac as a monitor for another device without physically hacking the shit out of it.
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I haven't tried it, but ScreenRecycler sounds like it might do what you want.
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Seconding ScreenRecycler.
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I haven't tried it (though want to) but Synergy might do this.

From their blurb: Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems without special hardware. It's intended for users with multiple computers on their desk since each system uses its own display.

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Synergy is great, but it doesn't do what the poster wants.
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