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IEfilter: I'm sick of it. The most random bugs appear in IE when designing standards compliant pages. Like on this page I'm working on for a friend. On tabs two and three of the page, there are photos in the top right corner. These images show up in firefox just fine, but in IE, they're invisible. HELP!

The images are enclosed in a div that's floated to the right. The 'height' and 'width' properties of this div are specefied. To makes matters even odder, in IE, even though you can't see the image, the text flows around it, AND you can right click on the invisible image and save. The z-index is set to about twenty billion. WTF?
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Best answer: In the file "tabtastic.css", line 9, change the z-index from 0 to -1 (negative one).

If this works, send me 20% of the gross fee you charged for the web pages.

Next time you want help like this, try to make the entire set of files readily available and with relative urls; Firefox wasn't able to translate the tab hrefs into local urls when I saved the page in Firefox.
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Response by poster: thanks ortho! sorry bout the file confusion - the tabs are all in the same html page and are hidden/show with javascript maybe that's why you were having trouble loading them.

i'd send you a couple beers (20% of my payment, a case), but they'd prolly get cold and skunked and stuff before they got to you. sorry :(
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slhack3r writes "the tabs are all in the same html page and are hidden/show with javascript maybe that's why you were having trouble loading them."

No, I got that part. It was how the javascript switched the tabs that I didn't feel like burrowing into.

No admonishing, but you'll find it's easier to assist you (and thus, you get more assistance) if first you boil the problem done to the minimal test case that doesn't work. (And on the comp. news groups, often you won't get an answer if you don't do this.) As it happened, I was able to solve the problem, but I couldn't fully test my answer. I grin as a type this, but at the time that was highly frustrating.

Don't worry about the beers, I wasn't being serious about a percentage, but -- if you'd be kind enough to buy a few mefites beers at the next meet-up you go to, I'd consider myself more than repaid. Just get them to do a photo shout-out to me ;)
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