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CSS question: How can I get my floated sidebar to stop overlapping my footer? I'm using clear:both!

Take a look at this page.

The structure of the HTML is pretty simple:

There are three main divs - #mainheader, #maincolumn, and #footer. #Maincolumn contains another centered div - #container - which includes a div called #content, and a left-floated div called #sidebar.

After I close #maincolumn, I include a ".clear" div to clear all the floated content, and then there's the #footer.

So here's the structure:

- #mainheader
- #maincolumn
  - #container
    - #content
    - #sidebar
- .clear
- #footer

My problem is that when the text in #sidebar is longer than the stuff in #content, it overlaps the footer.

Isn't clearing all floats supposed to clear all floats? What's happening here? Thanks in advance for your help!
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I'd say put .clear and #footer inside of #container.
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Best answer: I think it's because you're only using a margin on #content, with the sidebar following it in the markup, which probably triggers some quirky float behaviour (haven't gone through all of your styling). If you give #content a width and maybe float it right instead of using a margin then it should be fine.

It's also generally safer and more intuitive to clear floats within the container element in which the elements are floated, so that all containers are extended to the height of their content.
And you've got some markup errors in there, it's always sensible to tidy those up first to rule them out.
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I'd suggest adding overflow:auto; on #container, removing the clear div and adding clear:both; to #footer.

Setting overflow will force the container div to size according to it's content, allowing the footer div to know properly what it needs to be clearing.

That *should* do it, I think.
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BinarySolo wrote "That *should* do it, I think."

Doesn't seem to; if I make the changes using the EditCSS function in the WebDeveloper toolbar, the content frame suddenly scrolls and the footer disappears.

I'd do what malevolent suggests: Might try nesting content, sidebar and footer inside the same container, in that order, with fixed width and float:left for the sidebar plus clear:both on the footer, or perhaps fix the footer in place at the bottom of the screen so that content and sidebar scroll up from behind it.
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Perhaps you could incorporate this:

CSS Sticky Footer

Seems like it does what you're trying to implement.
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The vogue css idiom to use for this is a "clearfix", once you figure out the browser compatibility it is quite elegant as you simply add a "clearfix" class to the parent of the floated element.
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Best answer: It looks like you have a position:absolute on your sidebar div, this basically removes the div from the page flow so it won't how matter many times you clear your divs. I'd put the sidebar div above the content div and change the position to relative.
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Best answer: I'm not an expert, but the impression I get is that pixel positioning (position: absolute) shouldn't be mixed with floated positioning in the same element or in the same layout group. You've given the sidebar both an absolute position and a floated position. Pixel positioning takes the element out of the normal document flow and that's why I think the sidebar is not playing nice with your footer. I'd float both the sidebar and the content divs and give each a width. I don't think you need a clear div or to clear the footer after that. Here's a great tutorial on floats from Smashing Magazine. Try using these properties for a strictly float-based layout:

div#content {
width: 750px;
float: right;

div#sidebar {
float: left;
width: 200px;
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(or what bigdave said... :P)
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I took your advice and adjusted my janky positioning scheme, and we're in the clear!
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