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Help me choose my job title. I'm a software engineer and I'm transitioning from a position where I both manage projects and write code, to a post-management position where I'm not directly responsible for any particular projects but provide overall ideas and advice for the architecture, coding practices, features, and anything else about the system. In addition, I'll still be hacking code on whatever parts of the system I find interesting. It's both more and less than a "software architect" since I'll be doing other things as well and I won't actually be responsible for directing the software architecture, but any ideas and advice I have will be listened to. It's kind of a "do whatever I want" dream job. The CTO proposed "principal software engineer" which is good and conveys the general idea and seniority, but I'm hoping you can help me come up with something better. I'm looking for a professional sounding title, rather than something quirky (although if you have a really great idea for a quirky title, go ahead and post it because I'll enjoy it).
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Senior Member of Technical Staff?
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In the companies I've worked in, your duties as you describe them are called "principal software engineer".
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VFX work calls those people "pipeline engineers."
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"Engineering Director", or "Staff Engineer" are similar titles I've heard a lot. It does sound like you're describing an "architect" family-position though. In the quirky world, there's always "Guru".
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I worked for a small business that had clearly defined roles, but no titles. I liked that a lot. Made the the group feel like a real team. I was the team leader, I think it helped with making me and my manager seem approachable.
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Yahoo! used to name such positions, "Producers", borrowed liberally from Hollywood back when Terry Semel was in-charge.
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BTW don't get ahead of yourself... :)

All software engineers are code monkeys.
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All software engineers are code monkeys.

What's bigger and better than a code monkey? A code gorilla!
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Senior fellow?
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Ramp up the CTO's suggestion to "principal software architect"

Just a thought.

Good Luck !
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If you're the top ape, you're the Code Silverback.
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We have a Chief Architect.
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Also, he's not c-level; he just happens to have chief in his title.
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That definitely sounds like some variant of "architect".
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I would suggest thinking about how you are going to explain this job and title the next time you are interviewing. I like the suggestions that have architect in the title, like Chief Architect or Principal Software Architect, because those seem to be the closest mainstream job titles to what you are going to be doing. One of my acquaintances did the quirky job title and business card in San Francisco (aka "ransom note") font in a startup environment. It was a great icebreaker until the company was seriously looking at getting bought, then it became a liability, at least for him.
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not directly responsible for any particular projects

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Vertically integrated syngeristic outside-of-the-box agenda process management control process design engineer.
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I perform this role and my title is Applications Manager
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Code Czar
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Depending on the scope of your role and the size of your organization, Enterprise Architect is one to consider.

If your organization follows the old Bell Labs model, there are a lot of shades of the MTS title, including Lead Member of Technical Staff or Principal Member of Technical Staff. That set would make more sense if the work is research related and others have MTS titles in the organization.
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Your role sounds like one of Software Architect to me. I'd stick with that.
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