[android apps filter] help me find a good trivia app for android
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I have about a 40 minute commute by public transit everyday and I would like to find some apps for my new Android phone to help me pass the time. Specifically, I'm looking for good trivia apps.

I often go to bar trivia with a regular group of people and I would love to find a solid trivia app that could help train me up for bar trivia. Something along the lines of Sporcle or Trivial Pursuit would be ideal.

If there's something out there that you'd recommend as a good resource for studying for the GRE that would be good too.

I'd be willing to shell out a couple of bucks for something that is really great.
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Are crossword puzzles kind of like trivia? Shortyz is a very nice crossword program.
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Though it's a bit too topical for my liking.
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As far as GRE, there's one called GRE Tutor by Superliminal Software, and it's the right price of free, and not terrible. I also came to recommend Shortyz for crossword, but that's not really bar trivia.

empath, QRANK is for iPhone only, sadly.
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QRANK is an iPhone app, not an Android app.

I've yet to find a decent one myself, so I will be watching this thread!
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As a trivia buff myself, I like my apps Countries of the World and Periodic Table, which allow me to do a lot of self quizzing in areas that are weaker for me. Look for a topic and you'll find apps like this for your own brush-up areas. Also, the Android Market has plenty of apps aimed specifically for trivia buffs who want to self test, including Best Trivia Ever and Trivia Burst. Just about all of these and more are free. Here's the first page of what I found when I input "trivia" in the search box for the Android Market.
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Response by poster: I feel so dumb for not having checked earlier, but Sporcle has an app for Android now!
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There's the online scrabble type game, Words With Friends, that just came out with an Android app. My complaint about it is that it allows some words that would clearly be illegal in a regular scrabble game (e.g., apostrophed, proper nouns)
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