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Do people cough or sneeze while sleeping?

I'm not aware of having ever woken up from a cough or a sneeze, and I've never, in 8+ years of sleeping next to my wife, heard her cough or sneeze in her sleep.

So, what's the story here?
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I've been awakened by my own coughing many times.
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I have definitely coughed while sleeping and heard other people cough while sleeping.

It only happened once (that I know of) to me, resulting from choking on a feather. Yeah. Other times, I've heard other people cough in their sleep while they've been sick. They wake up the next morning, I say, "man, you were coughing all night." Response: "I was?"
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Ask me how I know people cough in their sleep. I'll just be over here in the guest room.
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Are people actually coughing in their sleep, or are they waking up and coughing for such a brief period of time that they do not record their waking into long-term memory?
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Put me down as someone who coughs in her sleep when she's sick.
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I think what's at issue here is exactly what is meant by "in their sleep."

Sleep is a multi-stage physiological process. Certain activities--like sneezing and coughing--might not be possible in "deeper" stages of sleep, but that doesn't mean that a person would be conscious or remember coughing/sneezing even if conscious.

So if the question is "Can a person cough/sleep during the night and not be conscious or remember?" the answer seems to be "Definitely yes," but if the question is "Can a person in, e.g., Stage N3 sneeze/cough?" the answer may be "No," while still permitting others to observe coughing at some other point during the night.
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When I'm sick, I have woken myself up coughing.

As to sneezing, there was a trivia fact underneath a recent snapple cap saying that the nerves responsible for sneezing aren't active during sleep and there's a fun article about that on Mental Floss.
Our odds of have having to sneeze during sleep are already reduced, but our bodies have a neat little trick up their sleeves to keep us at rest. It’s called REM atonia, a state caused by the shutdown of the release of certain neurotransmitters during REM sleep that results in motor neurons not being stimulated and reflectory signals not being sent to the brain. So, even if there were various stimulants being kicked up while you slept (say, by an evil cat playing with his rubber ball or biting your toes at five in the morning), and a few got into your nose, the brain wouldn’t be alerted to the matter.
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I sneezed myself awake last night.
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as a gal with asthma, yes, you can cough in your sleep.
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If you were not able to cough during your sleep, you could suffocate from throat blockage every time you have a bad cold.
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Well, I know that you can fart in your sleep, so coughing doesn't seem like such a stretch. (I'm really not talking about myself. REALLY)
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My husband regularly sneezes in his sleep. Bit his tongue pretty badly, once.
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I've coughed myself awake this week, so yes.
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I had bronchitis in 2009.

I coughed in my sleep a lot. Sometimes it woke me up, sometimes it didn't. Sometimes I was half awake/dozing. but I was definitely asleep some of the time (according to the GF).
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