My private e-mail invite went viral!
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My private invitation went viral! Damage control.

I occasionally put some shows together and sent out a blind cc: e-mail to a few carefully selected people I thought would be good performers. One man sent it on to everyone he knows, apparently. Nowhere on the e-mail did it say, "Please forward to everyone you know." or "Please forward to interested parties" I am getting all kinds of random offers from people that want to be involved (I have a strict time limit and can only use a certain number) He tells me, "Maybe [venue manager] will be impressed." Perhaps, but I still have only been given have a certain amount of time. Then says, "Well--I got it from you and several others." I'm receiving mail and he's forwarding me mail after mail of people who want to be involved. Do I just ask him to reply to any further inquiries he receives? Or ask him to e-mail everyone he mailed and rescind the offer? Or...? What say ye? (I know how I'll handle it in the future!)
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"Sorry, we have our lineup set already."
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Blow them off for now, sort through the after the show. There may be someone you can use at a later date, but you're not going to run a freakin' audition at the last minute.
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- If you didn't want it forwarded, you should have said so. Lesson learned.
- per @randomkeystrike, "thanks, but we're booked up" is entirely apropos.
- a polite but firm response to all inquiries is in order. You might need to work with these folks one day. You always want to been seen as a stand up, honest guy.
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Be gracious, and if you already have everyone you need, tell them the lineup is set. But make sure that no one you are refusing would refuse to work with you in the future, based on what happens here.

In the future, leave this guy off your mailing lists. Yes, he is in the wrong, but you don't want to look like the jerk.
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I was just involved in something similar, actually. A performer I like sent an announcement about a secret show to a small list of people without emphasizing the secret nature. Neil Gaiman tweeted the announcement. A few hundred people showed up for an event which could reasonably have accommodated about 30. Things did not go as planned.

So, lesson learned. Create a form response to politely tell everyone who's responding now that your lineup is set, thanks for inquiring, do they want you to keep them in mind for future events? Next time you send out a call for participation, make sure the call includes a note to the effect that this is a private invitation, not to be forwarded. A blind CC could mean anything, and isn't sufficient to convey your intent.
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Best answer: Thanks so much for your interest. We have limited performance slots available, and limited time to review the many talented performers who have expressed interest. We didn't anticipate such a wide response. If another opportunity arises, we'll be in touch. Again, thank you; it's a pleasure to be part of such a creative community.
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Response by poster: These answers built on each other. I really appreciate the feedback.
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