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I need creative bedside 'table' ideas for a day bed in a corner.

I have the Hemnes daybed from IKEA. It's in a small room and is wedged between the door and a corner. There is no other place in the room where it would fit. It gets used almost exclusively as a bed, not a sofa. It would be really convenient to have something next to it on which I could put glasses, phone, etc. - but a traditional bedside table isn't practical as it would block the drawers, which we use for storage. It would also have to be removed when we extend the bed for guests.

Is there anything I can hook on to the edge of the bed or hang on the wall that would serve the same purpose as a bedside table, but be compatible with the daybed's multiple uses and not block anything?
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I have the small LACK shelf on the far side of my bed as a laptop rest. It would function well as a nightstand too.
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Seconding a shelf on the wall. If it would be too intrusive, perhaps add a hinge and brace so you can fold it down when it's not being shelfy?
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Tomorrowful is on target.
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What about small shelf at bedside table height which would be mounted to the wall?

Or something on casters that could be easily moved when you want to access the drawers?

I have a similarly tight setup and use the edge of my dresser as a de facto nightstand.
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For that matter, if you can't mount it to the wall, you could mount it to the frame. You'd lose, say, 1/2" of mattress length when the shelf's folded down, but it would be reasonably elegant, and wouldn't require drilling into the wall.
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It depends on the interior construction of the drawers, but what about adding a little lip to the inside of one of the drawers, say 4" wide, such that if you pull the drawer open 4" it acts as a little shelf? Depending on what is stored in there and how accessible it needs to be it could be a pain, but if it's extra blankets or something I don't think it would be too annoying.
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Response by poster: These are great ideas.

A shelf on a hinge might be just the thing. I know I could knock something together, but has anyone ever seen something like that for sale?
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TV Tray that could be moved or folded up when in the way
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Ikea has a table that mounts on the wall and folds down.
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I also think a shelf is the way to go, but just as another idea, you could get some sort of caddy that either fits under the mattress or hangs over the arm.

We have one for our hammock that neatly stashes a paperback, sunglasses, pen, and other miscellanea; they make ones that hold 12 oz. soda cans even.

I think a shelf is better for what you need, but just in case you like this idea better.
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I've solved a similar problem before by screwing standards into the wall (and there are some nice-looking ones available nowadays) and then putting trays on the brackets. Then you have a side-table (or nightstand) with totally removable "shelves" (without disturbing the "stuff" on them).
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Best answer: If you can find them, there's are ninety degree locking hinges and you don't want to mount the shelf so it swings up from the bed and then locks. Mount it on the edge of the day bed so it swings down and locks like a reverse toy box lid. The shelf would be stored upright against the wall and you're not going to knocking into it while you're in bed.

Quadrant hinges would probably do the trick.
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This guy from CB2 is awesome for small places, as it fits over the bed when wanted, and shoved to the side when not.

I, personally, live in a room that literally holds a queen-sized bed and that is all. I use the Prince Aha stool by Philip Starck as a ridiculously small bedside unit. Its roundness is very functional.

PS, some of the Prince Aha prices on the Internets are too high. I paid 50 bucks each for mine. Shop around, if you're interested in them.
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IKEA makes a virtually identical piece of furniture to that CB2 thing. Though the CB2 one is prettier.
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I use a stool next to the guest bed which is a small twin in my office. It's not this one but anything like that would work. It has a small lamp, a coaster for a drink and a little dish which holds fresh ear plugs. I figure, it's easily movable and when I change things up then I have a handy stool.
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In a similar situation, we bought two Ikea shelf brackets, hung them close together, and topped them with a GALANT (desk) half-round. Instant demi-lune nightstand!
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Oh, I just read this article on Apartment Therapy yesterday: It specifically answers your question. My favorite, and the most space saving idea, is 5th option, a wall mounted basket and touthbrush holder which works as a cupholder and a book/phone/glasses holder. I believe the link is from Ikeahacker.
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