Any tech-savvy MD recommendations in Philly?
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Need a recommendation for a primary care physician in Philadelphia. Looking for someone more like -- get this -- my dog's vet, who are paperless, tech-savvy, and environmentally friendly.

After multiple frustrations with my old primary care office, and since the doctor I went to there packed up and left, I've decided to look for a new doctor.

My old primary care was part of Penn's health system. I like Penn; I studied there, I work there, but for routine stuff, it's not great. I just want a smaller practice that hasn't been doing things the same way for decades. Bonus if it's possible to get an emergency appointment occasionally, like if I have a fever that hits 102 (thanks, PennCare).

Believe it or not, I'm really modeling my search after the vet I took my dog to last week, Companion Pet Hospital (highly recommended, by the way).

They're completely paperless; even the new patient form uses wet-erase markers on a laminated sheet. All the records are computerized, and they always prefer to e-mail receipts and invoices instead of printing them. Now that I've taken her there, all of my dog's medical records are accessible over the internet. Are any human doctors (in Philly, anyway) that forward-thinking?

Failing that, just recommend any practice that isn't completely byzantine. That, and the ability to get an appointment on short notice when absolutely necessary, are more important factors than an especially warm or caring doctor. I appreciate brusqueness when it helps efficiency!

Oh, and I'm on Keystone Health Plan East (HMO). I'm healthy enough that a better plan, even to get a better doctor, isn't really worth it.

Any thoughts?
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It occurs to me that doctors' offices for human beings probably have more stringent policies about record keeping than your average vet's office does. Certainly HIPAA probably comes into play in terms of the degree to which they can be paperless (especially WRT emailing things and accessibility online).
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Response by poster: Naturally. The online access was an example. I certainly hope my medical records are never accessible with a 5-digit number and a password whose default is "password".

Likewise, I imagine that paperless systems for people have to be much more secure, and likewise more expensive, but I know they're out there. As someone who works on the periphery of medicine, I know they've been the talk of the metaphorical town for ages.
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Dr David Lush is in Penn's system at 2 Bala Plaza in Bala Cynwyd. I've seen him for years. Great doctor. memail me for phone number if you need it.

I can't tell from your question if you want to stay in Penn or not. Personally I think HUP is a nightmare. Great doctor though.
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By the way he is efficient and available on short notice when necessary.
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Response by poster: Oh, darn. Forgot to mention location. I'd like to stay in Center City; west of Broad would be even better. A drive is okay for a good doc, so thanks for the rec, vincele.

I'm not opposed to staying in Penn Medicine, especially since I'd want to go to HUP or Pennsy for anything serious, but I figure that I'd have a better chance of finding a more progressive practice if it doesn't have the weight of the University's bureaucracy behind it.
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I go to 9th St. Internal Med and they're very good and comprehensive. It's at 9th and Walnut.
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I'll be watching this closely, as I've been really unhappy with my doctor(s) at PennCare Internal Medicine. I've liked most of the residents I've seen, but I've never seen the same one twice and there's routinely hour-plus waits. I'll also say that whereas every Penn Med visit I've made (orthopedics, radiology, Scheie optometry) has been a complete nightmare, switching to an orthopedist at Jefferson's Rothman Institute was the best medical decision I ever made. Courteous staff, on-time appointments, and stellar doctor and hospital (clavicle repair surgery) experiences.
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I don't know where her practice is now (I moved a couple years ago) but Wendy Fuhr was super fantastic.

The practice she was in was your typical bureaucracy, though.
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I lurve my doc's office. Ninth St. Internal Medicine. I see Dr. Font, who, I must say, totally rocks.

I don't know that they're particularly paperless, but they do supplement the typical physician practice by also running their own "clinic hours" for patients, where the 5-6 docs in the practice take shifts to accommodate the sort of "urgent but not ER-urgent" care that humans sometimes need.
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A bit out of your way, but you might want to look at Greenhouse Internists. I find them computer savvy and easy to deal with.
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Both my Penn-system OB/GYN and internist have recently moved to using online charts, which is really useful because different doctors can look up your medical records and access labs/tests you've had through other offices. I don't loooooove them, but Delancey Medical Associates (right across the street from Pennsylvania Hospital) always seems to be able to fit me in that day when I'm sick.
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I cofounded a Philly tech news site and I had a few folks pitch me a story about Bruce Hopper. I never got to interview him, but he's by Rittenhouse, so certainly worth looking at.
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