Things to do in Phoenix with a 2 year old girl?
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Things to do in Phoenix with a 2 year old girl?

So my plans in Phoenix include staying with friends of mine who have a 2 year old girl. I'm used to being around my nephews, so kids don't scare me off, but I think it would be nice to treat the family to a day doing something fun that would involve their daughter.

The family is of above-average means and gets out and about a lot, so I'm looking for possibly something obscure, or other side of the valley happenings/places they might not have encountered (they live in the Chandler area). Cool kid oriented restaurants, things to see and do for a day, who knows?

Any ideas whatsoever would be appreciated!
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Do they work and have childcare? Might be hard to schedule.

They probably already know all the kid places nearby.

As the parent of a 2 year old, I'd prefer you offer to babysit while parents go out to eat.
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Children's Museum of Phoenix

Railroad Park

Jump and Shout

Broadway Palm Dinner Theater

Park of the Canals - have a picnic

Not sure when you'll be in Phoenix, but the orangutan exhibit opens in mid-April.
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*the orangutan exhibit opens at the Phoenix zoo, I meant to say.
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The Phoenix Zoo is a wonderful destination for kids, whether the orangutan exhibit is open or not!
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Seconding the Phoenix Zoo. There's a cool little play area as well.
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The Desert Botanical Gardens are surprisingly fun and little kid friendly - and not too far from the Zoo (though doing both in one day would be a lot of walking/strollering).
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Seconding The Children's Museum. It's a really fun, interactive place that kept my 5 and 6-year old niece and nephew occupied almost the entire day. And Auntie was VERY happy about that.
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