Making Fun of The Mouse
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Looking for any comedy skits/videos/essays/whatever that make fun of Disneyworld/Disney movies, parks/anything Disney-related.
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Your question may have been inspired by this recent sketch, but: Disney Channel Acting School on last week's SNL.
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Funny or Die presents "Disney's Princess Ke$ha."
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The Disney Channel series "Sonny With A Chance" has a sketch comedy show-within-the-show, and they did a sketch riffing on the Princesses.
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John Hughes' short story Vacation '58 was made into the film "National Lampoon's Vacation", with the Disney references slightly obscured.
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I remember SNL doing a Disney version of The Titanic, which I found here:

My search also turned up this:
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Carl Hiassen's book, Team Rodent, isn't making fun of Disney per se, but it is a peek into the dark and shady police state of Disneyworld. It's a fascinating read, with tons of material for sketch inspiration.
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After Penny-Arcade posted this comic (and this news post), they got several responses from people with similar stories.
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One could easily argue the genius Mr. Show sketch Globo-Chem (very NSFW) is a satire of Disneyana.
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Dada's "Dizz Knee Land."
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The Onion visits Disney Labs.
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It's probably not as cutting as you would like, but the Disney film Enchanted is essentially a (loving) send-up of Disney's old princess tropes.
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You've seen Shrek, right?
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Sorry, this is a better link.
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There's a Simpsons episode where they go to "EFCOT."
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Several of the videos by Nostalgia Chick (, such as her takes on "Hercules", "Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas", "Mulan", "Pocahontas", and "Disney Princess".
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Oh, I was delighted to find that a cursory Google search led me directly to a sanctioned version of a well-known Harlan Ellison essay, "The 3 Most Important Things in Life," that purports to detail his brief tenure working for the Disney Studios. Text is decidedly NSFW but the whole thing is well worth reading. If you just want the Disney bit, scroll down to "Labor Relations."
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"Making fun" is only a small part of it, but Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom was the first thing I thought of.
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It's not a skit or parody, but Australian filmmaker John Safran went to Disneyland for the TV show 'Race Around the World'.
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Let's not forget Weird Al Yankovic's Skipper Dan.
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Another SNL sketch: High School Musical 3: Return of the Seniors, featuring LeBron James.
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Debbie Downer visits Disneyland, from SNL. (warning: Hulu)
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