I need someone to tell me what's cool for web applications
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Where do you go to find recommendations for the best new web widgets and applications?

So, there is this whole class of websites/downloadables out there that can do things for you. For example, Prezi.com, right? I'm also thinking about FTP clients, VNCs, Firefox plugins and anything else that might be a cool new thing that could help someone make websites or make the web work for them.

I am having a hard time finding this stuff on my own. I want a few blogs or sites devoted to recommending new things of this nature. Sort of like "I tried Hootsuite and it rocked my motherlovin' socks off. Here's how it works..." I don't want a list of everything because that is almost as bad as a void of information. I want a few knowledgeable folks who have tried a few similar apps to recommend one or someone who is always in the know about the latest idea. You have any go-to places for this kind of information?
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Twitter has become my source of finding bright new shiny things (damm you Yahoo! for killing Delicious with your apathy and stupidity!). Find a couple of people whose links you like and follow them.
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Best answer: I love this kind of stuff too. I have a few different places I check out for this kind of thing, Lifehacker, Download Squad, Addictive Tips, and my personal favorite, MakeUseOf.
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FTP clients are for FTP servers. Firefox (and it's plugins) are for web servers and browsing the set of hyperlinked documents called the world wide web. Are you looking for web tools or internet tools?
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Response by poster: Are you looking for web tools or internet tools?

I'm looking for both. The reason why I connect the two in my head is internet makin' tools are numerous and are often free-ish downloads just as web tools are numerous and are often free-ish on the internet. Finding a quality FTP client can take a lot of time when you have to go through them all on your own. Having a reliable reviewer who I usually agree with give me a suggestion would save me a lot of time, not to mention having someone tell me about the latest and greatest thing that I never knew about before I would find it on my own two years later.
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Response by poster: ceri, do you have a few Twitter feeds to suggest? I am not a Twitter user and I don't want to start an account unless it's really worth it.
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So don't start a twitter account, stick whomever you want to follow into the RSS reader of your choice.
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