My Kindle Can Connect Wirelessly but Won't Sync
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I have kind of a weird problem with my 3rd gen kindle (wifi only).

Recently it updated to the 3.1 software. Everything seems to work OK since the update. But I did have a problem with the "Sync and Check for new items". It just gets to the "Checking..." part and then goes away. After a little bit of time I will get an error stating that it could not connect.

My settings page shows it registered correctly as does the Manage My Kindle page. But I can not de-register it on the Kindle. Same thing, runs for a little bit then gives an error. I tried deregistering it via the MYK page but that had no affect on the Kindle itself even after restarting.

On the Kindle, I can connect to the Kindle Store and buy books no problem (but they don't download) and I can connect using the built-in web browser.

I've reset both the router and the kindle multiple times with no change. I can see the Kindle pulling an IP on the Router status page. My wireless network runs with no password (no encryption). I can see my network in the list of available networks and I can select it no problem. I've tried turning the wireless on and off on the Kindle.

I can use the Kindle for PC application no problem.

I am familiar with the jailbreak process and it does not fix the problem.

I am hestiant to use the "Restore to Factory Settings" because there are still a bunch of books on the Kindle that I can read and don't want to lose them. I'm afraid if I reset it, I will have no books and no way to register the kindle.

I realize there are ways to get content to the Kindle using USB, that's not really the issue.

Just a guess, but it seems like the password it has stored for my kindle account may be corrupt. Since all the other connections seem to work OK, it seems more like an authentication issue rather than a straight connection issue.

I've alread reported this to Amazon and I am waiting for their response. Wanted to hear your thoughts before I whip out the WireShark.

Bonus question: Is there a way to rollback the firmware version?
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Response by poster: Hi Kanata,

Yes, tried the forget my network and then reconnect. I've also messed with the WEP and WPA settings on the router. I got it to connect to the router with WEP and a passphrase, but still the same connection error. I also saw a post that recommended setting the MAC filter and entering the kindle's MAC, no luck there either.
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Best answer: I do not believe that resetting to factory defaults deletes books from your Kindle. My suggestion, however, is to call customer service. I had a truly excellent experience with them when I had a Kindle problem.
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A hard reset will delete books off of your actual Kindle, but fear not! They will still be archived on Amazon's servers, you just need to redownload them.
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That is... odd. There isn't a whole lot more you can do as an end user, though. Basically, as kanata says, you can try performing a factory reset, and if that doesn't work, call Amazon customer service. You are correct that the factory reset will wipe your registration data and render the books you already purchased from Amazon unreadable, if they are DRM-protected. (Not every ebook Amazon sells is DRM-protected, but I think most are. Even better, there isn't any particularly easy way to find out which have DRM and which don't.)

For the bonus question: there is no way for you, as an end user, to roll back a software update.
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Nthing customer service. When I broke my Kindle, they sent me a new one via one-day shipping and a prepaid address label to send the old one back.
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Response by poster: All,

Thanks for your suggestions. I backed up my documents folder and then went ahead and did a Restore to Factory Settings. This did erase the books and de-registered the kindle. As expected, it would not let me re-register.

Amazon replied to my email asking me to call in, so I guess I'll be doing that.

Thanks everyone!
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Response by poster: I'm so excited I finally figured out the connection problem!

After some time with WireShark, I found that the kindle packets were set to DF (don't frament) and my router's MTU was set to low (1420) to allow them to get through. I set the router to 1500 and pow! it connected and started downloading the back log. Every thing works great now.

Worked fine with the pre-3.1 software so must be a new thing.

I hope this helps someone from the future who is too stubborn to just call and ask for a new one.
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