Psychs outside philly?
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therapist and (separate) psychiatrist recommendations for Philadelphia, PA suburbs, specifically good with anxiety/depression (a few more details inside)

looking for myself and others - ideally it would be two separate people, a therapist and a separate psychiatrist. long term depression and anxiety, made worse recently by the suicide of a close friend. please feel free to memail details, i'm definitely looking for personal positive experiences with specific doctors, not just ones you know of(that i can google). thanks!
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Therapist-wise, I highly recommend the Women's Therapy Center in Philly -- they have an evaluation and then match you with the therapist on their staff that seems best for you, which was a great relief when I wanted to go but couldn't really bring myself to research and phone interview a legion of mental health professionals. I realize this isn't a specific person recommendation (though the person they gave me was great!) but one person's great therapist might not be another's, which is why I liked their system.
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I'm sorry you're in pain, first of all. I see Dr. Elizabeth Stokes in Bala Cynwyd for depression and anxiety. She has helped to change my life, and I can't recommend her highly enough. Of course the results I've experienced are partly because I click particularly well with her, and I would urge anyone seeking therapy to not settle in with a therapist until they've found one they really like. My email is in my profile, and feel free to ask anything you want!
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Emailed you.
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