Who were the Hollywood Jills?
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Who were the Hollywood Jills, and where can I find more of their music?

The only song I've encountered is "He Makes Me So Mad," which is on the "Girl Group Sounds Lost And Found" box set. I first heard it on WFMU's "Downtown Soulville with Mister Fine Wine" show.

Who were the Hollywood Jills? Did they record under other names? Did they write this song, and if not, who did?
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It looks like their one song originally comes from a 45. Last.fm says no one has ever listened to another song by them. Interestingly, this guy says the one known song was actually the B-side to "A Good Thing Baby".

AMG lists the composer of their song as "Sax Kari", who has a couple listed composer credits for songs appearing on their original albums, and 13 on compilations of Soul/R&B songs.
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You are awesome and I don't know why we didn't try AllMusic. Thanks; now it's down the rabbit hole of Google results for "Sax Kari"... if there's a related post on the Blue in a few days, it's all your fault :)
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