Enron Hearing Transcripts
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Where could I find transcripts for the congressional Enron hearings?
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If you can be more specific, I can probably grab it from Lexis or Westlaw for you. By "more specific", I mean figure out the dates, the congressional committee(s), stuff like that. Alternately, if you have a law school handy (heh), you can go in and tell the reference librarian this stuff and he/she will be able to help you from there.
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essentially, I am seeking the sort of questions asked to the executives. I am researching this to create a skit of a fake corporation being questioned much like Enron was, and was not sure on where to start with the questioning.
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Transcript of Jeff Skilling and other high-level Enron/Andersen execs before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Feb 7, 2002
Other documents related to that hearing
Same committee's Documents Related to Enron page
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The Library of Congress also keeps congressional hearing transcripts.
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The Library of Congress does not have committee hearings transcripts online, at least not on THOMAS.

Your best bet is usually to follow the committee links on the right side of the THOMAS homepage to see if the committee that held the hearings has put the transcript on its website. If it’s not there, you can try contacting the committee staff to see if they’ll make the information available; phone calls usually work better than emails for that.

Also, the GPO has a page of committee resources, and a searchable index.

Finally, you might be able to find the information in print form at a US Federal Depository Library.
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