The future was so bright, my grandpa had to wear shades.
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Do my sunglasses have any vintage cred?

It's totally OK if they don't. They're ugly as all get-out, I love them, and I intend to wear them regardless. I'm just curious.

I found them at my grandma's house while I was home for Christmas. My grandma has no idea where they came from (this is the case with most of her things, so it's likely she's had them for years). My mom said that she seems to remember my grandpa wearing them back in the 60s. There's a picture of Elton John here (scroll down a few rows) wearing similar-looking ones in 1969, so maybe my mom's remembering correctly.

The brand is Spectacal, but I can't find any info about them online. Opposite the brand on the other temple is "12KF". Any guesses as to when they were made?

I'm not expecting them to be anything super cool; Pa-Paw was pretty cheap and definitely not stylish. I just want to know more about them! And since I'm not an eyewear geek, I've turned to you.

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Do you drive a Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger or other Detroit big block from the '70s? Are you an undercover cop with an afro? I would say yes.
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I think they're much more later-day hippy than 70's tough guy. Those guys wore mirror shades. These look a bit more cerebral.
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"12KF" = 12 karat gold fill. Not luxe, but he didn't totally cheap out on these.
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They look vaguely vintage, slightly 70s, early 60s.

Vintage cred does not, or I think should not focus on brand/origin of manufacturer. That is for vintage shops and ebay sellers who want to market their old shit and justify high prices. What matters is how you wear it, and how it looks on your face. In good personal style, it's all about ensemble and cohesion, not the origin of the items. Not all glasses fit every face, so more importantly make sure they suit your face.

If you were to wear these shades with a pair of light/faded baggy boot cut denim pants circa 2002, with an old baggy black faded t-shirt, you would look like an A+ fool, and may God have mercy upon your naive soul.

But pair them with a pair of great well-fitted slacks, or slim dark denim jeans and a classic crisp shirt and you've got yourself a winner. Make sure your shoes are nice too :)

I'm sure you know all of this already.
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I'd say about 1966-67s or so. Just my guess though. They're probably a little on the heavy side pun intended.

I grew up in the 60s and yes I remember them. The 60s AND those type of glasses.
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