For customer @ work: What shades does Agent Coulson (The Avengers) wear?
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For my job: I told a customer I'd try my best to find a specific pair of sunglasses, model/brand, but I'm having trouble doing that. What sunglasses does Agent Coulson wear in 'The Avengers'? Picture link inside

Here is a link to the photo he showed me:
If anyone could name that pair, or find the name of, I would be (almost) forever in your debt :]

Any advice on how I can go about finding the info myself is also greatly appreciatted.. I've been scouring the interenet for some time now, though.
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Any luck with Revo?
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Best answer: According to a comment on this blog post at, he's wearing Randolph Engineering Raptor sunglasses. Hope this helps!
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heh. i was just coming here to post what falwless did. they around $129.
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Response by poster: THANK YOU ALL!!
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Piggybacking on this, how about Hawkeye's?
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Response by poster: Post a link?
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I assume you mean these, radwolf76?
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Yeah. After a bit of searching, it seems that they're Oakely Split Jacket, Matte Black Frame, Red Iridium Lenses. (Good for making anti-protons, or so I'm told.)
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