How can we dance when there is no sound!?
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We're getting married on March 19th, and it turns out our DJ friend does not have the speakers required for DJing. No big deal, but how and where do we rent something like that? We're in Philadelphia, PA.

That's pretty much it. We're definitely on a budget, as our doggie was just hospitalized over the weekend (another long story) and the ER care was very expensive.

I know there are many musicians here on Metafilter, so I figured SOMEONE must know what I can do in this situation.

The restaurant says we can't hook into their speaker system because it could damage it, so this is our only option I think. Again, we're in Philadelphia, PA.

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Equipment rental places should have medium sized speakers, an amp, cables and mics, for about 200-300 dollars for the whole weekend.

Check in a music store first, Guitar Center or the like.
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have you tried samash? They have stores in philidelphia. You might be able to BUY a portable system for cheap. HEre at work (i work in al ibrary) we have bought one of those and it works really well.
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You could also put up an ad on craigslist or ask any of the bands you know: Friend prices for renting a PA is around 50-100 dollars instead.
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Finally, as a friend who has DJ'd a wedding before: getting equipment should be his problem. Even if you're not paying him much, ask him to do the legwork and you'll write him a check.

If you're not paying him, you should be. It's a lot of work.
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Any audio visual rental company will have various options at various prices for this. In Seattle something that can get a large venue really going with plenty of bass will be at least several hundred dollars, so if budget is really an issue, craigslist may be an option.
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A lot of guitar/music stores rent equipment too. That's where we get ours for a show we do each year. Just call them up and ask if they do speaker rentals.
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I don't have any experience with Philly rental companies, but the first google hit is looks promising - Audio Visual Rental, Philadelphia. Their 15" speaker packages seem like a decent price. Pass it on to your DJ friend and have him deal with it, that way he can be certain to get the correct cables for his mixer.
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