Installing countless fonts—each in its own folder—onto WinXP machine
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Mass-installing fonts onto an XP machine when each font is enclosed in its own folder.

The trouble lies in Windows' apparent unwillingness to accept a folder with a font/fonts within it as something installable. Opening each folder up manually (I'm using MainType to ensure that fonts are not only copied into the font directory but also added the registry) and then installing the contents will, if I continue this way, take many more hours than I wish to spend. I would be un-conveyably grateful should you provide me some way out of this tedium. Is there any way (application, command-line script, workaround) to mass install everything in one shot with the folder structure I must work with? We're talking GenericFontsToBeInstalled>GenericFont1>GenericFont1Regular.otf, Generic Font1Italic.otf as an example.
Looking forward to your advice. Best!
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Use the search and search for your font files in the root of your font folder (*.ttf, *.otf, etc).

Then open up control panel->Fonts folder and just drag the list of fonts from the search results into the Fonts folder.
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Hey, Scripting Guy! How Can I Install Fonts Using a Script?

Then something like this would let you loop through the folder, and you'd just have to check for font files.

On preview: Yeah, wongcorgi has a great idea. If you just have to do it once, go with that.
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Joyous victory! Before I checked back for your (excellent, thank you!) responses, I decided to import using Font Book on my laptop, then transfer back. Seems to have worked to strip the fonts from their folders.
All the very best, and thanks again!
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