Music for God to play before creating the universe
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Everybody recognizes the THX deep note sound. Last night, at Nuit Blanche here in Montreal, and just before the fireworks, they were playing recorded instrumental music (with no percussion) featuring long drawn out notes that were as "rich" and exciting as the deep note sound. The music filled me with a thrilling anticipation of something powerful. What music could I have been hearing? What songs do I want to get?
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Contact them and ask?

I get this from some of Philip Glass's work, specifically "Mad Rush" from his Glass: Organ Works album. Also, some tracks on Tanya Tagaq's Sinaa (Inuit throat-singing) and appropriately -- since she appeared on this album -- Bjork's Medulla album. Particularly the first track, "The Pleasure Is All Mine."

That latter one, if you listen to the densest possible recording quality, with just enough bass, will make you shiver.
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Best answer: M83
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Best answer: colin stetson is the world's most amazing saxophonist. he can play craaaaazy bass notes along with many other layers, all at once. and he's a montrealer too! the link goes to a page with several of his songs. not all of them are deep bass sax, but look around till you find that sound.
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Best answer: Perhaps consult my kinda related question...
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Best answer: Gyorgy Ligeti is the great-grandfather of the THX sound.
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Best answer: Ligeti also inspired Xennakis. Here is a wonderful blog post that made the rounds in computer music circles a while back on THX, and how it can be emulated today.
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Response by poster: Amazing answers.

Now I have the tunes, I will now proceed with the creation - God
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Afterthought: You may also like Gerard Grisey and other spectralists.
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