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Looking for a method by which one could automatically add content to a wordpress sidebar, I dont even know what to search for.

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I need to be able to post links on a wordpress site, and I figure there has to be a plugin for this, but I don't know exactly what to search. Basically, we want to post links to the site on our sidebar, looking almost exactly like the blogroll links that you see on most sites (but maybe with a sentence or two in there from the article). The site admin has been using the blogroll links to accomplish this so far, but it doesn't seem like an appropriate use to me. Is there anything out there where you can enter in links into the widget such that it populates the content automatically?

We are probably just looking for the correct syntax to search for, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Well this is pretty much what the blogroll function is for. You know that a) you don't have to call it Blogroll or Links, and b) you can divide it into sections, right? WP has built in management for this with on-board Links Widget now, including descriptions.

If you want more finite control, though, you want a links widget or a blogroll widget. If you want the links to automatically update with extracts or titles from the most recent updates of those target websites, you may want an RSS widget.
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You could create an account at http://pinboard.in and using their bookmarklet save your links to their service (currently just under $10 one time signup). Then use their rss link and put that into the RSS widget (as mentioned above) which is in your themes > widgets page. You save the link to pinboard and it automatically appears on the blog.

Bonus is that pinboard keep those links after they have dropped off the blog.
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If I'm understanding you right, you want it to automatically scrape a couple of lines of text from the target website? If not, yeah - just go with what you're already using.

Unless there's a setting I can't see, pinboard won't give you that, though it is awesome, and the bookmarklet could make for a fractionally smoother workflow than using Press This.

I can't find a plugin to populate your links with automatically scraped data, but that's because I only spent a couple of minutes browsing the WP plugin library. In theory though, a curated extract would be better than some random out of context words, and the copy/paste action should only take a few seconds, so why not stick with what you've got?

If you're determined to have it, and you can't find a pre-built one, it's time to roll your own. You can find developers all over the place. Try the MeFi jobs board, FreelanceSwitch, or I imagine you could recruit someone through the Wordpress Forums. Never tried it myself though.

Good luck!
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