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I'm looking for an absolute beginner's guide to WordPress that just covers creating and editing posts and pages and uploading media, and nothing else; the kind of thing that I imagine a web developer might give to a client. Can you recommend some (free) on-line resources?

Background: I have set up a WordPress installation for a university sports club. The site is primarily used for announcements, posting trip reports (with photos), and as a place to put documents where members can download them. I'm currently in a sort of old-school webmaster role where I both do the technical maintenance and generate all the content. While I'm happy to carry on taking care of the nuts and bolts, I would like the rest of the club members to take over the 'creative' side. Most of these members are resolutely non-technical (or at least, non-web-savvy beyond Facebook and email) and I want to make the learning experience as smooth as possible for them.

What (I think) I need is a short, illustrated, friendly introduction to blogging with WordPress that assumes that you are the user of a website that somebody else has set up for you and is maintaining on your behalf, so that you don't need to concern yourself with anything but generating content. Google, at least with the search terms I've used, is giving me only guides that assume that you are installing, updating, and maintaining your own blog; I'm probably looking in the wrong places.

I'd be grateful for any pointers to websites, PDFs, or screencasts that you have used to teach the basics of WordPress to absolute beginners — or that taught you when you were a beginner!
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Best answer: I would recommend iThemes "Getting Started With Word Press". It's a free PDF and also available in Kindle format.
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Response by poster: Absolutely perfect, JKTB. I built a quick tutorial around it at the weekend and the feedback was great. Many thanks!
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