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In Firefox, how can I get my bookmarklet to open a link in a new tab?

I'm looking for a bookmarklet that will open a random link on the current page, in a new tab. I found a couple of random link openers:



but both of them just open the link in the same tab I'm in. Is there a way to modify either of these to open new tabs, or, alternatively, some other one-click way to open a randomly selected link?
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Best answer: take the '_self' bit off the first one, or change it to a different name. _self refers to the current window anything else (except '_parent' or '_top' which also do special things), or nothing, will mean it opens in a new window.
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Best answer: you want '_blank' instead of '_self' in the first one.
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In the second one, change "void(location.href=blah)" to "void(,'_blank'))".
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Response by poster: Sweet. Thanks!
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Middle-clicking on a three button mouse opens bookmarks and normal links in a new tab. On my 2-button laptop, chording the buttons (pushing and releasing both buttons together) is interpreted as a middle button press and does the same thing.
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Response by poster: Yes. Middle-clicking on a bookmarklet, though, just opens a new tab to javascript:whatever.
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