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I work at a university .. my university's web mail console pretty much stinks .. i would like to create a server-side filter to have my email automatically forwarded to my gmail account. Problem is that my university's control panel doesn't allow me to do this. Is there another way ?
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What university do you go to? There's no easy way to do this unless your university fascilitates this. But (as is the case with my university) email-forwarding setups are occasionally obscure. The overwhelming majority of universities do offer mail forwarding as a way of weaning their alumni from their student mailbox. If you post the name of your university, I could help you look through the documentation.
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Does your uni do email via a unix machine that users have command line access to? If so, you could create a .forward file.
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As an aside, if you have access to an imap server or a pop server there are other possible solutions. I'd need a bit more info about what kind of email service your university provides. Can you connect to the server with a email program, like outlook or thunderbird?
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yeah, pop3 or imap would be my suggestion as well. Or if you were super cool, you could use the DOM class in PHP to write a scraping program, as the Kottke describes today on his weblog.

/I am not super cool.

p.s. I switched to gmail from our crappy university webmail, and just slowly taught people my new address.
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I just want to second the .forward suggestion. Neither my Rutgers nor NJIT accounts have any apparent way to forward e-mail. You need to find out if you can telnet/SSH into your account and create a .forward file. It worked perfectly for me.
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