Email forwarding for a domain without hosting
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I have a domain which is hosted by Bluehost. However, after some time the only thing I use it for is to forward email addresses to my main gmail address. Is there a cheap and reliable alternative which just provides email forwarding?
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Gandi offers email forwarding for domains registered with them. A domain is £4.68 per year, and the domain transfer is free. Hosting is a separate product; you don't have to buy hosting to get email forwarding.
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I've used for years. About £8.40 (after VAT) for 2 years for a registration, I don't use the email forwarding directly on 123-reg but it seems to be included for free.
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123-reg introduced a leaving fee (last year?) I won't be moving any more domains to them. I'd go with Gandi, which has a pretty good reputation.
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123-reg introduced a leaving fee

I might be wrong but I think it's only .uk domains (i.e. which charge for changing the IPS tags (ref: T&Cs). There doesn't seem to be a charge for domains.
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Since Google apps went paid, I use for small projects. It is free, works with any domain and bounces everything to one address.
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EndsOfInvention: I stand corrected.
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michaelh: ImprovMX looks like a great service. Now if only they had a privacy policy or an owner listed…
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Depending on your current registrar (assuming you didn't have Bluehost do your domain registration as well), you might check to see if this is a service they offer. All of the registrars I've been with (Namecheap, Godaddy, offer this service for free with your domain registration.

If Bluehost did handle your domain registration, then you'll want to take a look at their support page for transferring your domain to another registrar and pick a registrar to transfer to that provides email forwarding.
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