Where to buy lots of loose leaf or easy to peel Clairefontaine?
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Paper Nerds - Where to buy lots of half sheet sized, loose leaf (or easy to peel) Clairefontaine?

I go through it quickly and want to make sure I'm not wasting money on by buying the individual Triomphe tablets. Recommendations of other brands that use Clairefontaine like Rhodia that have tablets or loose leaf are also welcome. Perforated will not work for my purposes. Graph, lined or blank are fine.

Also, if you have recommendations for loose leaf (again, half sheet sized) paper that's not Clairefontaine but is as super awesome or better, that's recommended, too.
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I remember that BHV sells loose leaf paper made by Clairefontaine (and everything else you might need, including the kitchen sink, literally). And they make lots of different kinds of paper, for notebooks, fancy stuff for stationery, etc.

Exaclair is the US distributor for the company.
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