What was that song?
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Trying to find a song from the 90s.

My brain is failing me, but I know there was a band in the 90s that had a one hit wonder with a kind of goth/techno feel. I'm also fairly positive the band had an acronym for a name. I know this isn't much to go on, but my wiki/google-fu is failing me. What was the name of the band?
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KMFDM? Or My Life With The Thrill Kill Kilt which was often shortened?
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EMF's Unbelievable? I don't get a goth vibe from it, but I think it qualifies as "techno feel."
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Kult even (thanks auto...)
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Any more info? Male or female singer? When in the '90s?
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The KLF?
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Response by poster: Ha! Got it! VAST!

KMFDM and MLWTtTKK were both good guesses, but I was looking for something a little more mainstream. I've had the opening notes of this song floating around my head all day. It was reaching aneurysm level.

Thanks everybody, I'll put in the extra hour of googling next time.
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Best answer: if you're interested, the vocal sample is from le mystere des voix bulgares (who used to be the bulgarian state television female vocal choir), and the sampled track is pilentze pee. beautiful and moving music.
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