how do I link to a shared playlist in itunes?
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iTunes playlist publishing, ping, yikes, help, this shouldn't be so difficult right?

I want to put together a list of songs in itunes, and publish it as a play list to 22 other people so they can purchase all the songs in one click. i assume this isn't hard. I see how I can click on a playlist in itunes, and publish the list to my ping profile. But I can't figure out how to send people a link directly to that playlist. Am I missing something? I don't really want them all to have to have ping profiles and follow me and whatnot - they just want the playlist. Please walk me through this like I am dumber than my 21 month old. Thanks :)

(on preview: we wanted to use itunes and not just hand out mix cds; people are willing to pay for the 30-ish tracks; if there is some other solution, i'm open to it).
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In the iTunes store, in the music section, there is a "Quick Link" to Ping Playlists. You will have to search and add songs one by one, but your friends will be able to buy them all with one click once you publish the list.
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Oh, and to link to it, right click on the playlist name when you've navigated to it in iTunes, and select copy link. Pasting that into a browser will open iTunes and display the list.
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But, Phat, how do I send them to that playlist?
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Ahhh! Got it! Thanks.
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