Oh woe is me no mobile me :(
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I didn't activate mobileme. My iphone was stolen from my bag in a yoga studio change room a few hours ago. Called Rogers to freeze service, called apple, and called police to file report. No one seems to be willing to do anything to track it down. Is there ANY way I can track its whereabouts?
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Theoretically the phone was stolen by someone who uses or works at your yoga studio. I would call your yoga studio and let them know. They can question their staff, and if nothing else, post a notice in the change rooms about keeping track of personal belongings, perhaps encouraging locker use. Or something to that effect. Regardless of whether or not it helps you get your phone back, I would let the yoga studio know.
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Yup the yoga studio is aware of the situation.

I should have mentioned that.

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Honestly, your only bet is Rogers. They may or may not have a way to track your phone. Since you didn't activate MobileMe, there's nothing that can happen on Apple's side to track it.
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Do you use gmail from your iphone? You can log into gmail and see the most recent IP addresses "you" have connected from.
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Not to be a bummer, but from what I've been told by friends who have had their iPhones lost/stolen without the Find My iPhone thing activated, there's not much you can do. Apple won't help at all. Maybe Rogers will, I'm not familiar with them because we don't have them hear. If they're anything like the big US carriers, though, probably not.
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You should know about blacklisting when you talk to Rogers - And that, if they do this to your phone and you recover it - They probably won't de-blacklist it.
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With Rogers (in Montreal), I've found you can get poor service if you get bad luck with their CS reps, but usually they're really helpful. Whether or not they can actually do anything is alas another matter.
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Apple can't help because you can't retroactively set up software on a phone that's missing or stolen. It's not like Apple can throw a switch and is refusing to.
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It's not like Apple can throw a switch and is refusing to.

Apple and the carriers can do an over-the-air update. They may not be set up for this particular scenario, but they could if they wanted to.
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