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Any good recommendations for using Facebook to handle a wedding in 9 months in South America with North American attendees? Hoping to deal with flight ideas, share travel tips etc. Anyone used the site in this way lately?
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Your best bets are creating either an Event or a Group. Groups are nice because all of the members receive an email when someone writes on the wall. In either case, though, people can post links, pictures, etc. to the wall.
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For our wedding we created a private group and had everyone invited post their flight information. This way people were able to see who was arriving at what time and share rides to/from the airport. Since the group can edit the same document we just added everyone's information to that keeping all the information in one place.

We also answered questions there (what to wear, what time does it start), which made our lives a lot easier since we only answered the question once, but everyone was notified. The group also made it really easy for people to know who was coming to the wedding and get to know each other a little better.
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