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Can I change my LLC in video editing to a music publishing company? What forms do I need to fill out and who would I need to notify?
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Only answering b/c it's still unanswered, not because I know anything about this. My husband just changed some details on his LLC (web development/software development) with advice/guidance from our accountant. He had to go through our state's Attorney Generals office. It didn't seem to be a big hassle. Just some forms & fees.

I would start there. It's probably one of those things highly dependent on your state & the state your LLC is registered!
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Yeah, it depends on how your original paperwork was filled out and what state it was in. In my state, for example, an LLC can properly be formed for "any legal purpose", so that's what I usually do when I'm drawing up the paperwork.
Contact your Secretary of State or AG's office (google "LLC formation $statename" to find out exactly who to contact) and ask them. There are people on staff who can answer this level of question for you without getting into the dangerous territory of legal advice.
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