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I need new glasses. Sadly, my choice of frames (RX5226 or RX5150, both Ray-Ban frames) are not available on the UK high street. Are there any trusted online retailers where I can get these frames, either with or without lenses? Or very similar?

I know they do sell them on SelectSpecs but I have heard BAD things about that company. I currently wear RX5150 but will need to get a replacement pair as a reglaze will leave me unable to see for a week. Booo.
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How about these people? Don't know anything about them, though. They do seem to have an actual brick and mortar address. These reviews seem good, but again I don't know how trustworthy they are...

Groovy specs!
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Zenni Optical do a similar-looking set of specs. I can personally recommend Zenni - i just got my first pair with them (and my eyesight is appalling) and they are perfect.
posted by ukdanae at 5:42 AM on February 22, 2011 carries both pairs. I bought a pair of prescription Ray-Bans from Cool Frames last year at this time, and I was pleased with both the service and the frames. Do a search for coupons for that site too- might knock off shipping or something.
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I am also looking for a good online source for discounted Persol sunglasses.
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Ray Ban's parent company is Luxottica, and any optometrist or optician should be able to order from them anywhere in the world.
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Response by poster: Not the case amyms - my high street optician, D+A, told me they were out of stock indefinietly. I may have to pick something else out...
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Ahh I'm sorry I misunderstood, I thought you were just having trouble getting someone to order them. What color are you looking for, and are you able to order from the U.S. Amazon? (the U.K. site doesn't have them)

U.S. Amazon has black, brown/tortoise, and dark metallic red in the 5150, and black, violet, and brown in the 5226.
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Or... It looks like the RB5150 is the same frame as the RX5150, and the RB5226 is the same frame as the RX5226, on Ray-Ban's U.K. site.
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