Waffle Fries!
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FriedPotatoFilter: Where can I find the best waffle fries within an hour's drive from Boston?
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It may be an unpopular choice, but I find Friendly's waffle fries to be beyond satisfactory. I'm interested in hearing how one could improve on them.
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An hour's drive for waffle fries! Egads. Just go to Restaurant Depot and buy a bag of the same waffles fries that every dang restaurant uses, make them at home. You'll have a big enough bag to experiment; then YOU can make the best waffle fries within an hour's drive of Boston (if for no other reason than the frying grease that you use is, um, fresher). There's one RD in Everett, one in Needham according to their locator map. Of course, you're supposed to be a member shopping for a business when you go there, swipe your card and all, but they usually let folks do a guest shopper kind of thing if you're from a community organization or a church group or whatever.
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Around here, our Chick-Fil-A's have like this running "we've got the best fries" pride thing going on with each other. They seriously quality fries like every 5 minutes. I have been known to go through the drive-thru just to get a box of waffle fries. Their Store Locator indicates that they have stores in or around Boston.

I never say chain foods of any sort are "good food", but you asked for waffle fries and, at least around here, Chick-Fil-A delivers. For an added treat, order your fries with an Arnold Palmer, as both their lemonade and iced tea are of good quality and go well with the saltiness of the fries.
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Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square.
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I agree with Gungho... definitely Charlie's Kitchen.
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Another one for Charlie's Kitchen!
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Fourthing Charlie's; add cheese for a mere 25ยข!
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Simard's Roast Beef in Wilmington has SEASONED waffle fries. Dear god, they are amazing. As is the rest of their food.
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My favoritest waffle fries ever are at Gargoyle's in Davis Square.

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