Your Best Electropop Reccomendations
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Dragonette, Little Boots, Annie, Frankmusik - help me find more music like this!

My wife and I are huge Little Boots fans, and have gotten into Dragonette, Annie, and I'm starting to check out Frankmusik as well.

Where can I find more music like this? I seem to like unabashed, sincere pop music with lots of synthesizers and meeps and moops (I guess this is electropop?). Must be danceable and highly melodic, and I prefer female vocalists. Apparently our tastes also skew towards European artists, but we're certainly open to anything.
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How about Goldfrapp or Robyn? They both are very similar to Little Boots I think (pop, female, dance beat, electronica).
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Robyn is as close to a definitive answer as you could get. You could also check out Ellie Goulding, Florrie, Sky Ferreira, the entire back catalog of Girls Aloud and the collected output of the Xenomania production team.

And read PopJustice every day (although, um, at the moment there's rather a lot of dross on the homepage).
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Not female, but how about some Chromeo?
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Interview Magazine did a feature that included Little Boots a while ago (the link is to the article, which in turn links to myspace pages). This is who else they mentioned: CHARLI XCX, LA ROUX, MPHO, LADYHAWKE.
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I would definitely call this genre electropop for what it's worth.

Personally she's been flying under the radar, but I'm mad about Sally Shapiro (links to YouTube playlist). Reminscent of Annie in terms of being lush, melodic, rather saccharine Scandinavian electropop.

You might also like The Knife, Heartbreak, Neon Neon, Miss Kittin, Crystal Castles, CSS, Adult., Alden Tyrell.
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That sentence got mangled: *She's been flying under the radar, but personally I'm mad about...
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That's all modern stuff, if you want to know about some of the less well known 80s euro electropop / italo tracks that influenced all these new tracks then just give me a shout via PM.
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Try Stefy too.
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Definitely La Roux.
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St. Etienne and Ladytron.
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Dragonette is my favorite band, so I may be slightly biased towards Yay for this post. Make sure you check out their collaborations with Kaskade and Martin Solveig. I'd also heartily second everything that's been recommended so far.

Zoot Woman is great (I particularly love the Chris Fraser remix of Just a Friend of Mine), and for something more mainstream, Beck and The Killers have a lot of songs like this as well.
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Seconding La Roux and the Knife.
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Thanks, everyone - these are great suggestions!
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Pretty sure you'll like:

Men: Off Our Backs
Austra: Beat and the Pulse
Lykke Li: Get Some
KT Tunstall: Black Horse and A Cherry Tree
Les Rita Mitsouko: Marcia Baila
Miami Horror: I Look to You
Make the Girl Dane: Baby Baby Baby

And maybe:
Le Tigre: TKO (maybe a bit too riot grrrl compared to rest) (although check the movement out, there's some really great stuff)
MPHO: Boxs and Locks
Yelle: Ce jeu
Junkie XL: More
The Suzan: Home

(Also Florence and the Machine, La Roux, Goldfrapp, the Knife, Fever Ray, Robyn, Kid Sister, the Ting Tings, Uffie, MIA, Marina and the Diamonds and Peaches)

Gah! Sorry about the link spam, just I really like this genre too, and had Dragonette on repeat for the longest time.
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