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I'm looking for work skirts for farm work. A cross between a tool-belt, utilikilt, and A-line or flip skirt.

Above the knee, non-constricting, made of drill or canvas or heavy khaki (or even suede or leather) with pockets for this, that and the other. Not a kilt. To be worn bare legged with work boots in warm weather and over jeans/leggings in cool. Ready-made or as a pattern. Does such a tool skirt exist?
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Cargo skirt might be a keyword to try.

See also utility skirt
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Aside from the fact that she's a kiltmaker, I bet Jeanie from Alt.Kilt could make you one to your specs quite easily. (She also has a woman's skirt that is kilt-inspired but not super-pleaty.) She does all sorts of custom work to make her stuff more complex, so why not ask for something simple?
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drlith, it appears cargo skirts are all the rage for fine young things, especially utility skirts to go from clubbing to hiking to bike-bitch. Which is, of course, exactly what I did wearing a version when I was a fine young thing (and obviously ahead of myself fashion wise). One of your links was to a skort. I think I made a pact with god never to wear a skort. But your links and terms are giving me options to continue my search though none of them seem to have a real A-line.

Madamina. Thanks for the link. I love the Alt.Kilt work. I'll see if I can stretch my budget to get a made-to-order one from her.

Any other links to tailors, etsy sewers etc who may make something like this welcome.
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Have you looked at hiking skirts? Check out Eastern Mountain Sports or Title Nine Sports. It looks like they've cut back on inventory from when I was looking last summer, but they have a few things that might meet your needs (and they may have more options come spring).
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Nau has one for the spring. The quality of their garments is outstanding. I wear the hell out of their clothes and only shirt looks like I wear the hell out of it.
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Every year for about the past 10 years I've made myself a pants-to-skirt conversion, and I've done everything in them from sweaty outdoor work to lounging around to biking to camping to whatever. I live in them in the summertime. The great thing is that you can pick the pants (and thus the pocket configuration). It wouldn't be too hard to add a few extra pockets/tool loop, either.

Pro tip: though a lot of tutorials like this one will advise you to use a seam ripper and rip out that inseam, don't bother. It takes forever and if you just go a couple sizes bigger than you'd wear in pants, you'll be fine cutting it out.
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Yup, I think I am just going to have to make them myself from old jeans and thrift-store cargo pants. Thanks all for the links and tips.
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Kerasia (and anyone else who wants to know), if you run into any problems or have more questions, feel free to MeMail me and I'll share what I know.
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