Winter getaways near Boston
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Looking for a guest house/B&B/inn with a fireplace 2-3 hours from Boston.

Hoping to spirit the significant other away for a surprise getaway in early March and having trouble narrowing down the many, many options. The Berkshires? Cape Cod? The White Mountains? MeFites, help!

The ideal is a bed & breakfast, guest house, or inn within 2-3 hours of Boston that has a room (or, probably more realistically, a common area/lounge) with a blazing fireplace. Clean/rustic design preferred over florals and doilies; hot tub/jacuzzi/sizeable tub a major bonus.

We're into good food, snuggling up by fireplaces with books, and the occasional winter hike. Snow and trees and mountains are great; options close to good art/cafes/charming walkable towns are also welcome. We have access to a car if necessary; train-accessible places would be amazing.

Anonymous in the hopes of keeping this a surprise. Have seen previous similar questions, but most recommend towns/areas to explore, not specific places to stay.
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The Inn at New Marlborough is lovely. Some of the rooms have fireplaces, and the food is just about unmatched in the Berkshires.
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Check out the Brandt House in Greenfield, MA. The living room has a fireplace, and a few of their suites do, too. Some suites also have soaking tubs, and their penthouse suite has a jacuzzi. You can explore Greenfield, but also Northampton and Amherst; both towns have charming shops, cafes, galleries, local theaters. You'd be close to all kinds of trails for outdoor exploring, plus very charming small towns like Montague (you can't miss the Bookmill, a fantastic used bookstore in an old mill. It shares the mill with a great cafe with tables overlooking the river.)
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Odd suggestion, but Ash Street Inn in Manchester, NH. Business oriented, in-town.
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Look into the Hancock Inn, up in the Monadnock region. Lots of history, a wood fireplace in the dining room, and the greatest pot roast in the universe.

At least one of the rooms has a large jacuzzi tub and some of them have fireplaces. The room we stayed in (the one with the jacuzzi) had the original floor made out of these amazingly wide pine boards. They don't make trees that wide any more.

Plenty of great outdoorsy stuff in the area, including Mt. Monadnock, of course.
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MsNotMyselfRightNow and I love going up to The Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, VT. It has everything you're looking for. It's 2.5 hours from Cambridge.
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Well if your willing to take the New London ferry IN CT you can come here to lovely Long ISland . The ferry Drops you off on the east end where there are a ton of bed and breakfasts.

We have winery's. Quaint villages like south hampton (if you go in the summer you might see a movie star or two) and green port. Theaters and all sorts of cool things to do.

From what I looked up the ferry is 2 hours from boston then the ferry trip is another 1 20 min . ITs a tiny bit longer then 3 hours but the ferry you arent driving they are :)

There is even one or two band b at the wineries themselves.
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PS if your looking for NOW they are a lot cheaper :) and the wineries are still open and its jazz fest during this month and first week of march :)
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Perhaps larger than you're thinking, but I'm a fan of Church Landing, one of the Inns at Mills Falls in Meredith NH. Fireplace rooms (as well as in common areas), hot tub, good food and lake views of Winnipesaukee. Bonus that it's near a very kitchy Hart's Turkey Farm restaurant (Thanksgiving Year Round!).
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We stayed at the Poetry Ridge Bed & Breakfast 2 years ago, when my family visited. Easy 2-hour drive from Boston (but you do need a car), run by a really great couple. The breakfast was fantastic, there's a lovely fireplace in the lounge, good selection of books to swap, and our room, at least, had a good sized tub.

there's loads to do in the area (Historic Deerfield, Bridge of Flowers, random walks and trails).

Some great restaurants in the area - memail me and I'd be happy to dig out my list of places recommended to us. We've been to, and enjoyed, Chandlers and Blue Heron
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My girlfriend and I just spent the long weekend at the Revere Guest House in Provincetown. It's reasonably priced, the staff is friendly, and the (free) breakfast is served in this little cottage out back with a nice wood stove and a bunch of couches. It's unlocked, so guests can go in and watch a movie or just hang out by the stove whenever they get the urge. P'town itself is totally walkable, there's plenty of stuff open even at this time of year, and I don't think we had a bad meal all weekend.
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Some friends of mine just got back from a weekend at some b&b in provincetown that had a fireplace. I'll ask what it was.
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gabriel's was the b&b in question. sounds really nice.
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