Bollywood golden goose
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Looking for a recent Bollywood movie title

Here's what I can remember.
Recent. Lots of dancing. Dancers turning into rock (?). Car chases on a race circuit. Money flying around. Freezing opponents with singing. He calls her his "golden goose"(?).

Or am I mixing things up ?
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What do you mean by recent? The only Hindi film I can recall seeing recently (i.e., last five years) in which somebody turned into stone was Drona (2008) -- Aditya (Abhishek Bachchan)'s mom is turned into stone.

Car chases on a race circuit -- man, could be a bunch, though Ta Ra Rum Pum (2007?) had a Nascar setting.

Lots of dancing = needle in a haystack. ;)
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Recent: last 3 years. Rather big production. Every special effect from the application has been used.

The "Freezing opponents with singing" and "Dancers turning into rock" are linked. In a singing/dancing face-off opponents are frozen/turned into rock; pieces of rock start crumbling off and the opponent give their reply-song.

I think the lead actress had a special superpower associated with shaking her breasts.
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Found it.

It was Magadheera.

No car chases. No money flying around.
So ashamed.
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