Bigscreen-friendly Mac apps for HDTVs?
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I love my HDTV hooked up to a Mac Mini, but I want it to look like more than a computer desktop with icons. Any recommendations for bigscreen Mac apps that will bring the TV to life with Twitter updates, news feeds, ambient phantasmagoria, you name it?

Like so many of you, I've ditched cable TV and connected a computer (Mac Mini) to my HDTV to watch TV and listen to music. What bothers me is that there are few apps out there that give the screen personality when I'm not actively watching it.

Screensavers are an OK stop-gap -- Apple ships a crappy, illegible one for RSS newsfeeds -- but I'm wondering if there are actual apps that take over the screen and serve up information in a visually appealing, medium-appropriate way.

Full-screening a browser isn't really the answer. Instead, I want something in the spirit of "kiosk mode."

I have a Mac but any suggestions for Windows are welcome too.

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I'm a fan of the boxee app.
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Plex has some fairly good looking applications that are meant for the big screen. Plus a built in media center to boot!
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Plex's ui keeps getting worse though. At what point did they remove the ability to sort by date, for example?
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Best answer: If you install the Apple Developer Tools (free download) you get a Quartz Composer development tool as well as example screensavers ("compositions") to give you some ideas on how to get started.

One such demo composition shows a Twitter feed. It is available at: /Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer/Compositions/XML/The Twitterverse/The Twitterverse.qtz

Other examples include a visual RSS feed composition.

Just open up the composition in Quartz Composer to see how it is wired together. You can put a composition into your home folder's screensavers folder and set up a hot corner to start up a screensaver on demand.

If you like getting your hands dirty, you could pretty easily make your own Tweet-feed, RSS-news-feed, visual effect full-screen all-in-one app — making it look and behave however you want it to.
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Plex. Writing plug ins is straight forward if you want it to do something it currently cannot.
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Boxee is good, but you know that the mac mini has Front Row, right?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies. Plex really isn't the answer but it seems like the only thing out there. Really surprised there aren't more bigscreen-friendly apps.
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Response by poster: @empath -- I wasn't looking for media center programs, I was looking for apps with different functionalities (news, social media, ambient, etc.) that play nice with big screens.
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Check out Kylo. Its a Mozilla based browser that is optimized for large screens/TVs.
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