concentrated adblock?
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A disgusting Google ad is popping up on nearly every website I visit. Is there any way to make it stop?

A few days ago I started noticing a really repulsive Google ad, featuring an extreme close-up of some very nasty acne. Now it shows up on virtually every site I visit that has Google ads with images. It's REALLY uncomfortable to look at and I constantly find myself adjusting the window to hide it. Other than installing Adblock (which I don't want to do because I like ads) is there anything I can do to stop this ad? I use Google Chrome, am always logged in to Gmail, and it's a country-specific ad.
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Best answer: You can use Adblock without blocking all ads. When you install it just don't select any filter lists. Then you can block that one image or everything from the image's address.
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Perhaps change your Google ad preferences?

If that doesn't work, you could try dumping your cookies to remove the ad tracking.
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Run a bunch of google queries on a concentrated topic, like home projectors. Google will creepily take note and start serving you themed ads.
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Delete your cookies?
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1. Right click on the URL to get the URL of the ad.
2. Open up your hosts file, which I believe on Windows yo will find at %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\
3. Add the following to the file.
4. URL of ad
5. Save and close hosts file

I'm not sure if you'll need a reboot or not for it to take effect. That should block the ad without you needing to install anything else.
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Ugh - right click on the ad. You know what I mean, hopefully.
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Best answer: I use adblock the way teraspawn suggests, it's easy and doesn't get rid of the (very occasional) ads that I actually find interesting. You can either use it to get rid of individual images you don't like (this acne thing, for me some horribly high-speed animated usericons on a message board), or if you find yourself getting repeatedly annoyed by related things (there is no way that pixelated boobies are gong to make me interested in anyone's free online game, so stop it with all the different variations) you can choose to block content from a larger area (looking at my preferences, I don't see anything from or any more), and you can always change it back if you change your mind.
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Adblock for Google Chrome
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I just downloaded Adblock Chrome and it is working beautifully. Seconding that suggestion.

I also want to make out with samsara for letting me know it exists.
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