Where to have a work breakfast near Lincoln Center/John Jay in NYC?
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My boss and I are meeting in NYC next Monday morning and I need a place for breakfast near the 59th Street/Columbus Circle/Red Line Subway Stop.

We're both from out of town and he's asked me to pick the place. Is there any decent place for breakfast in the area? I'd like a sit-down restaurant with good food, pretty quick service, somewhat quiet (I don't have many chances to talk with him at length) and no more then $20-$25 per person. A 5-10 minute walk is no big deal but we're headed towards 10th Ave after breakfast, so in that direction would be great.
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Bouchon Bakery is in Time Warner Center. It's kind of a semi-private food court style set-up, but fairly quiet and top notch food (Thomas Keller of French Laundry).
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(and Time Warner Center is directly above the Columbus Circle Subway station)
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2nding Bouchon Bakery. So good.

I took my meal out into Central Park which might be nice for privacy.
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Rue 57 is good.

Also, it's not the "red line"; it's the 1 line.
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Best answer: I've enjoyed AQ Kafe a great deal. It's on the opposite side of Columbus Circle from the Time Warner Center. They've got a lot of seating, and I imagine that it's quiet on weekday mornings (although I'm usually there in the evenings).
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I recommend Giorgio's Restaurant on 9th and 53rd. It's basically just a diner, but the food is good and the place has usual elan. And it's on your way.
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AQ Kafe, no question. Bouchon is good but not very filling.
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Unusual. I meant unusual elan.
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Another vote for AQ Kafe.
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Best answer: Bouchon Bakery's sit-down cafe doesn't open until 11:30. (Counter service is open at 8:30.) AQ cafe will be open though.
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Norma's at the Le Parker Meridian hotel is great. Definitely a bit pricey, but they take reservations, it's sit down and only about a 5 minutes walk from Columbus Circle. Inventive menu too.
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AQ Kafe is really good.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great suggestions and I think I'll go with AQ Kafe on this trip. The price seems perfect and I think the boss will appreciate the "artisanal pastry kitchen" vibe. It also seems to have a more limited menu which is perfect since I have trouble making decisions before coffee. I'll let you know how it goes.
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Response by poster: Wanted to post a quick update that AQ Kafe was the perfect choice for my meeting this morning. I loved the space and it was extremely quite for the first hour we were there. Business started to pick up around 9:30 just as we were wrapping up. Anyway, it was yummy, affordable and helped get my entire day off to a good start. Thanks Mefites!
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