concert listings for major us cities?
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Are there any other good concert listings sites for major metro areas like provides for the bay area?

I have been traveling the US lots lately and I like to go see shows/concerts mostly of the punk/indie rock/noisy variety. I havent really found anything which is similar in breadth to stevelist which, while it bills itself as funk-punk-thrash-ska, pretty consistently lists every single show at every single venue big or small in the bay area. So, what are the stevelists of the world or is a unique bay area phenomenon?
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Oh My Rockness has great coverage for NYC:

Pollstar doesn't get very deep coverage, but they have the advantage of being everywhere:
posted by AaRdVarK at 6:32 PM on February 17, 2011 has saved me from missing countless shows. The listings are great, and it lets you enter a list of bands and then emails you when they come to your town.

Depending on the city, you might check whatever alt-weekly paper is based there, as these tend to have better coverage of smaller venues (though there can be a lot of listings to wade through). For example, in Boston you'd probably want to look at the Phoenix: is also pretty useful.
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I've used Oh My Rockness to find amazing free shows around LA
posted by bodaciousllama at 6:59 PM on February 17, 2011 is pretty badass. You tell it what bands you like, it tells you when they're coming to town. A big plus for me was that they imported all my favorites from Pandora, and I'm a pretty heavy Pandora user.

I've also tried, but was disappointed. Even though they imported from Pandora just like sonicliving, they seemed to come up with fewer shows. Not really sure why.
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Scenestar here in L.A. Tons of details on free/"secret" shows, pre-sales with codes/discounts, and plenty of advance notice on upcoming dates, often before the venue has announced or listed them yet.
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This site (show//savant) was posted recently, I believe on Reddit. Listings are easy-to-browse, and seem to be comprehensive... I'm already a fan.
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Sacramento isn't much of a metropolitan area compared to the bay, but it has
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SonicLiving (disclaimer - they're clients & friends) is totally fantastic at this, and getting better every day, with 100+ local, national and international ticket sources. You should be able to find shows for wherever you're going - if not, let me know what areas are underrepresented & we'll get them added! (ps. awesome new site design coming soon!)

We also launched Tweetlouder this week, which matches your Pandora/ artists to Twitter, and shows you who's on tour. It might help you find some shows.
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