Wiki-like, server-side web page editing?
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Is there server-side software that that I can log into to give me a directory listing of all the pages and folders on my web server and allow me edit the text and upload binary files? Even better would be to have it allow me to put a little edit link somewhere on the page if it knows via cookies that I'm logged in. I'd like to be able to easily edit my site from anywhere. It's not exactly a wiki because they seem to have their own directory structures, I don't need their special formatting syntax, and it wouldn't be communal. Of course, free is preferable.
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The Typo3 CMS allows you to edit pages from within the browser viz. you visit the page and if you're logged in, you can edit the elements on the page directly.
posted by Gyan at 6:16 PM on April 22, 2005 has probably dozens of free scripts listed that would do the job in a few different languages. Here's the php script index. What you end up liking might be a wiki, a content management system, a file transfer or manipulation script, even an ftp program or something.
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Thanks to both of you for the suggestions. I'm still reading through Typo3's stuff, but it seems like it's a bit much. I need something basic: directory tree and a login, that's about it. I'm also still perusing Hotscripts. You both really helped by saying "content management system" and "CMS": they give me something to google with. Thanks again.
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actually, I think file management might be a better keyword/section on hotscripts.
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ok, I re-read the question and maybe CMS is closer to what you are looking for... My bad.
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On Apache, mod_dav + .htaccess files.

This will allow you to open the files locally on most OS platforms and copy files at whim.
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it's probably overkill for you but at work we use opencms. It's java based and requires a container to run in but the beta version 6 will do exactly what you are looking for. Downside is that it stores files in a virtual file system (in a database), not the actual file system in your OS.

If that is overkill, I second the WebDAV suggestion by tomierna. I use this to get to my files on my web server at home.
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Thanks everyone for their suggestions. All the suggestions seemed to be toomuch overkill. I was trying to learn if I could set it up myself when I quite luckily found exactly what I was looking for: PHP HTTP File Editor. It doesn't have file-uploading or built-in authentication, but I think I'll be able to implement those myself.
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