Help me remember the underwater headlights...
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Help me remember a book: artificial lake, main character keeps seeing headlights under the water, turns into a murder mystery

I'm trying to remember a book I read a number of years ago. The only details I still remember are that the storyline focuses on an artificial lake or dam, the fact that the main character has visions of car headlights beneath the water -- and from memory the car headlights are driving along a road that has now been flooded by the lake -- and it turns into a murder mystery that has something to do with the time when the lake was being flooded. Can anyone help me remember this?
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Best answer: Was it Stuart Woods - Under the Lake?
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Was this by any chance a short story? It sounds a helluva lot like a short story I read in this book when I was a teen. The story is called "Lucinda" by Lael Littke. I don't remember it that well, but I do remember it involved a girl who was murdered/went missing and then shortly after that the town was flooded because of a dam or something. And years later, the girl's boyfriend and the boyfriend's sister return to the town and somehoe solve her murder. It was a ghost story, essentially.
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katyggls: "And years later, the girl's boyfriend and the boyfriend's sister return to the town and somehoe solve her murder."

*somehow is of course what I meant. No garden tools involved.
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Response by poster: @MexicanYenta - bingo!! That has to be the one!! Reading the summary on Amazon threw me at first, but actually opening up the "Look Inside" and reading the first few pages was the clincher.

Many thanks!!

And thanks to you katyggls, as well!
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Yeah, I knew I remembered the headlights under the water, but it wasn't showing up in the Amazon description. But it's been decades since I read it, so I figured if it had stuck with me that long, chances were it had stuck in other people's minds, too.
And yay, I finally got one of these "Help me remember" questions right!
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