The book about the guy with the gifted daughter whose soul dies during brain surgery
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Reclaiming my forgotten past, what was that book again? Guy invents some sort of medical apparatus, it is used by a surgeon on guy's gifted daughter, gifted daughter's soul dies?

Many years ago (in a library not too far from where I am now) I read a not terribly good book about the trial of a man that went something like this: the man had invented some sort of medical apparatus for brain surgery (although the fact that he invented it may have been revealed as a twist later in the book). His very gifted daughter requires brain surgery which uses the apparatus in question. For some reason she is aware during the surgery and the trauma 'kills' her soul, leaving her in a zombie-like state. The man is put on trial for some reason -- perhaps he wants to euthanise his daughter, although this could be a wild guess -- and during the trial he somehow engineers a scene in which his daughter obeys his instruction to kill herself to demonstrate to the shocked court that she was already effectively dead.

Did anybody follow any of that?

As I said, I don't remember it as being a particularly good book, but it's maddening to remember just a few details without remembering the title / author etc.

Can anyone help?
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Not your answer, but your book sounds like a re-telling of The Birthmark by Hawthorne.
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It reminded me of "Rappaccini's Daughter" -- perhaps just a mega-Hawthorne fan.
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There definitely are similarities, but this was a 'contemporary' novel for some time in the 1980s. It may well have been written some time in the 80s or perhaps even late 70s.
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'The soul of Anna Klane' by Terrel Miedaner.
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Thanks rjs, that is definitely the book!
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