Eindhoven for 2 weeks
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Have you ever been to Eindhoven?

I am traveling to Eindhoven, Netherlands for a couple weeks for work. During the day I will be occupied with work stuff, but I will have the evenings free and a weekend in the middle.

Have you ever been to Eindhoven? What's to do? I've never been to the Netherlands and its actually my first trip to Europe as well.

Any tips or ideas would be very welcome. Thanks!
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I was there a few months ago for a design convention. You may want to go to Amsterdam on the weekend, which is close, because hey, Amsterdam is pretty awesome and if this is your first trip to the Netherlands you really need to do that. You could also do a day trip to Belgium, which is like right there. But yeah, back to Eindhoven - granted, I didn't see a whole lot of Eindhoven, but I found some interesting places:

There is an old Phillips factory campus that is now houses a design school and skate park, and is just a pretty cool place to walk around in and take photos, if that's something that interests you.

There is a pretty great museum called "Abbe" which is near a couple of other museums that I didn't get a chance to see, one of which I think was a lighting museum.

There was a street that looks like it's the typical holy shit let's get loaded street near the Abbe museum that is lined with bars and has portable toilets at the entrance. So if you want to get loaded and go WOOOO this would probably be the best area to do so in. My fella would also like me to add that there is a good record shop called "bullet" on that street.

Grab a bike and ride around. There are loads of galleries and nice little shops. There is a ton of good beer there, too (did I mention it's near Belgium?). Have fun. The Netherlands pretty much rule. And everyone is nice and speaks English, but learn how to say please and thank you in Dutch.
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Get an anonymous OV-Chipkaart (official site here and English not always translated) if you're going to take the bus at all in Eindhoven and/or if you want to travel the country by rail on weekends, which I recommend. Get to know the train trip planner site.
If you can swing it, take a few evenings after work to see other cities in the country. I'm in Nijmegen, which is alright but not amazing. You can get a direct train to Utrecht.

That Phillips factory also has concerts sometimes. I saw Underworld there this fall.
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you're not too far away from cologne and duesseldorf, which I would recommend for a weekend trip some time. there is lots to do on weekends. also amsterdam won't be all that far.

sorry, I'd say something about eindhoven but all I know about it is that it's a pretty decent location to reach those cities.
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monkey!knife!fight! has just about described Eindhoven completely. If you like design or are into small entreprenuerial art and design studios, then thats what a lot of the graduates from the Academy end up doing rather than work for larger firms. I remember noting that aspect. If you're not into design in any way shape or form then Amsterdam is a must see. During the week, enjoy Eindhoven as an introduction to Europe, pick a cafe, bar or restaurant everyday and observe the goings on (I remember everything being closed early and also on the weekend, so check first to see what's open and when. You may find that happen by the time you're out from work.)
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The local tourist board is right next to the train station and will be able to give lots of information.

Den Bosch (officially 's-Hertogenbosch, try pronouncing that...) is just 20 minutes by train and has a whole different (less industrial) atmosphere. A much nicer and friendlier city, in my experience.

Interesting museums: Van Abbe and Philips, but the latter is closed for reconstruction right now. I wouldn't visit a museum on that one weekend you're there, but the Van Abbe museum appears to be open on Thursday evenings.
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Have you read "A Bridge Too Far" or seen the movie? If you're a history buff then perhaps there are places in the area you would like to visit.
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wenestvedt reminds me: what do you like doing, what are your interests? That would make recommendations a bit easier. Are you looking for places to eat as well, or do you have that covered? Are you staying in the city center?
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Hop on the train and go to Maastricht.
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Sorry, wrong link.
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If you are reasonably comfortable on a bicycle, then rent one and tour around the countryside. That is what I did when I was there. This place is like cycling heaven (if you have a decent rain poncho).
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. All suggestions being taken into consideration. I really appreciate it. :)
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