Who might want my compost?
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I'm moving interstate and don't want to take my compost + worms with me, but I don't want to just throw it away. Any suggestions for how to find people who might want it?

It is not a whole lot of compost, probably 50-100L max, but I have grown quite emotionally attached to the worms and want them and the fruits of their labor to go to a good home!

The place I am renting right now doesn't have a garden for me to mix the compost into, just rocks and my small potted plants.
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btw I am in Melbourne, Australia
posted by Joe Chip at 3:43 AM on February 13, 2011

Try Freecycle. I've used it in Canberra for things like that.
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Or Gumtree perhaps?
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Give the compost away and free the worms.
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Try a local gardening club. This is where my mother in law ordered her worms, so I'm betting they will have interested members.
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Joe Chip, I'm in Melbourne, and desperately want to start composting but have been scared to start. I'd be happy to give your worms and compost a good home, and have a nice garden they can live in! Let me know! :)
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I found my beloved compost on craigslist. It was a gift of love and I was so happy to find it. It is so cool to pass along something as fundamental as dirt. I still email the guy who gave it to me from time to time.

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Good suggestions guys, I have sent shazzam! a mefi mail, and if they don't reply I'll try other avenues you have suggested.
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