Recommendations for the 2011 Berlinale
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Which movies should I watch at this year's Berlinale film festival?

I'd like to see as many movies as possible at this year's Berlinale (especially at €4.5 a ticket!), but I'm completely overwhelmed by the huge movie program.

Do you have any recommendations of movies that are must-see? I'm open to all genres, just looking for good non-Hollywood movie experiences.
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I would recommend Der Spiegel oddly enough. When I lived in Köln I used it as a start point for research into what other movies were available. Also, look at what other festivals are coming up and look into the ones that have won prizes or accolades there. You're probably looking for specific films though. I would keep my eyes out for stuff from the middle east this year.
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Neither of these are particularly obscure, but I'm personally keen to see Werner Herzog's 3D foray Cave of Forgotten Dreams and Richard Ayoade's directorial début Submarine. There's a good chance both of these could get general release though.

Please do not go see Toast—it's a mediocre BBC telemovie and has no place in an international film festival.
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See a Béla Tarr film on the big screen! See a shorts program with an audience!

I would skip movies that are obviously going to enter wide release.
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